Matthias Etter
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Nov. 12. 2016
... "Beauty is a tightrope walk.
Wonderful if it succeeds to create this.
I try to build a gap, it is the challenge for me.
The Panaccusticum creates spaces to open.
This is fantastic - while listening, you forget the time, you are in the timeless space in between:
In the dialogue of the echoes, in harmony and dissonance, there arises a lifting in the interval. "

Lorenzo Custer, architect and keeper of the landscape, Beride Ti
Aug. 18. 2016
…the spherical sounds of “panaccusticum” produce original, melodic soundtracks for special moments!
Thank’s very much for the great enrichment of the art night Brienz and during the “Holzbildhauersymposium “ Brienz.

Hampi Schild
Kunstnacht Brienz
July 19. 2015 - NYC
“…… missing your music this morning!
I was remembering it today and I was telling my friends how fun it was to watch the animals emerge from the Union Square forest, rubbing their bellies, ready to gather food at the market, accompanied by your beautiful forest sounds! “

Katherine H.
May 16. 2015 - Bern - CD release - panaccusticum “silent trees“
... thanks for the wonderful musical journey that we get with your multidimensional fantastic compositions - it was magic in this ambient... PS. The CD "silent trees" sounds also at home magically magnetic, inspiring and touching.

A.Molnar - , Bern
Sept. 2013
Press report event cinema Meiringen (in german)
July 2013 - NYC.
I was sitting near the Temperance Fountain in Tompkins Square Park when this guy landed his hand truck and large suitcase with a clatter near the fence. When he took out a music stand I expected to see an accordion come out of the case,but he spent the next half hour setting up two wide spread speakers and various electronic equipment connected by cables. I stuck around figuring I was going to hear something like Brian Eno’s ambient music or some variation on Steve Reich. I was right.

Mike Natale (GammablogBlog)
June 29. 2013 - NYC.
He set up equip round me in Allen Street eve quietly played, accident shared panaccusticum music of Matthias Etter
Quite moving, stayed with me for some time. I was accidentally privileged to witness and hear how powerfully and quietly, liminally repetitious strings can integrate with the street sounds giving them context continuity and humanity.

Robert Lee
Exec. Director/Curator
Asian American Arts Centre, NYC